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Evolvens C-Mask is Evolvens Budapest's self-developed particle filter mask.


The durable Cordura construction with washable and replaceable filter provides general protection during exhalation and inhalation.


We have tried to develop a product that offers both functionality and comfort. In contrast to disposable and washable masks, the Evolvens C-Mask is an effective alternative for those who occasionally want to wear it for a longer period of time without pause. Thanks to the replaceable (and washable) inserts, a new, clean filter can be inserted into the mask in a matter of seconds.

We provide 3 filters for each mask.


Wearing it can relieve allergies and reduce the risk of coughs and flu infections.

size determination

Size M: Nose-Chin distance between 9 and 11 cm

Size L: Nose-Chin distance between 12 and 14 cm 


Washable and replaceable filter made of two-layer FiberTex material and Textfilt PRE FILTER BLANKET
(Tested according to EN 779).

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